An Act of Humanity
to Save Humanity


Jun, 2017

Letter to the GOD among People

Dear Stranger, 

    Hello there. Hope you are doing better. Last night I woke up from the bed and realised that I was alive! Before that, two weeks ago the Doctor had informed my family that if I don't get a donor, I would never wake up from sleep. I was scared. I saw no hope. I gave up on God. My mother then came to me and said, "God is not who lives in heaven. God is instead among Us, People. Surely. HE will help." I laughed at this. I thought if God was People, why is He letting me die? Days and nights were full of nightmares. I saw that I am dead, dreams shattered. The day after, Mother came running to me, with a happy face. She was having some kind of paper in her hand. She came to me and said, "You are living. You are living!" , with tears that rolled down her cheeks. I saw the paper. In that, I read that one Stranger has decided to donate me his organ. His name was not mentioned. I tried to ask everyone in the hospital about this Unknown, but they said that it's beyond their ethics. I can understand that. But what surprises me is that how can You decide to gift a life to someone you don't know? Weren't you afraid? How can you be so human in this World?  

     You may don't know that you have not only saved my life, you have saved my dreams. I am just 26 years old and you can imagine how young my dreams are! Death was at the doors and You scared it! You truly are God because I remember my Mother saying that "There is only One who can scare the Death and he is God!" You have not only saved my life, you have made me realise that good deeds are meant to be done for Humanity so that the world becomes a good place to live. 

    If anytime, I repeat - anytime in your life You need any help, please give me a chance. I need to thank you. You have restored my faith in benevolence and humanity. You are the reason that the world will see my dreams today. I don't who you are, but I know that you are reading this. You have made me believe that - GOD has no religion, that GOD has no Face, that GOD resides in Us - People. 

    Thank you for saving my life. 

Your Debtor 

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