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May, 2017

Pass On Life. Donate

Imagine if you were in a life or death situation all depending on if you could get a new organ? How difficult would that be for you.Well, that is  the case for many people. There is a vast shortage of donated organs in India as a result of which, many people on the waiting list face lot of crisis in getting the transplantation done on time.Not everyone in this world who needs transplantation is fortunate enough to receive an appropriate donor.

What is the sense of burning or burying a body that can give life to many others? We would have no use of the organs once we are gone so why deprive someoneof using it. And it is not about the life of those people only, it is also the life of their families. By donating your eyes, you will help a person to see their partner, their kids, their parents, their world.

One of the most inspiring and heart-touching stories of organ donation is of Deyaan Udani, a 11-year old boy from Mumbai who passed away due to blood clots in the brain. His family has done a great work by donating his organs and thereby bringing happiness to four different families. His mother said that Deyaan had learned about organ donation in school and was keen to donate organs in future. By donating Deyaans organs, his last wish was fulfilled.

This kind act had provided a second chance to live to not one but four people now. In this world,there are very few who show such kindness and sympathy for others.Be a life saver by taking a voluntary step to choose Organ Donation. 

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